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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Assign 2 - Point of sale cont autumn.

Autumnal moodboard
Decided to try a different tack and do some watercolours of the fruit and chillies. Then sprinkled some
Photoshop fairy dust on it and voila, this is my summer point of display. Despite differing opinion I'm positive
that oranges are a summer fruit. I tried the three shades and felt the sky blue worked best as a contrast to the orange and gave a feeling of light, airiness if there is a such a word... Still liked the green and orange though.

Peel off for Summer

Shades of Summer Orange.

Who needs Lemons...

Then there is the Chilli...I have decided after much consternation that the chilli could be a summer and an autumn fruit/veg? So therefore I have produced a green shade for autumn, and the blue for summer. I'm quite pleased with these boards as they work together with the orange and compliment each other.
They might even work as some sort of food-based greeting card!

Summer Point of Sale

Autumn Point of Sale

  Finally, I had a go at an apple watercolour and then followed the same process as above, which by the way does not really involve fairy-dust, but hours of frustrating slog on the lap-top involving cut-outs, layers, paths, etc etc before finally reaching this point. Same area of self questioning regarding the true domain of the apple..., is it summer, or is it autumn? Well I eventually opted for autumn and came up with this.

Autumn Point of sale

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