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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Exercise - Image development

Object of exercise - to take an image with a range of content and then crop it in ten different ways, Note if the images have more drama by the way they have been cropped. Choose a word for each image that relates in some way to the content, but this may contradict the image or show an alternative interpretation.

Original Pic

I decided to work on the image with the young egyptian camel guide/handler or whatever the correct terminology should be, but use the word 'Youth' instead of 'Teenager'. I think the word and the image
go well together but also offers an element of contradiction to the usual image of a typical 'Youth'.
I wanted to create a poster by using Photoshop as opposed to a drawing or painting as I liked
the slightly grainy quality of the photograph and the mood of the shot.

Preferred image with new word

This looks better with the lettering but
still not dramatic enough. More
work needed.
More to follow.

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