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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Exercise - Museum posters 3

To create a poster for an adult audience could in some ways be quite difficult as people's tastes are so diverse. Some of the ideas I collected for the teenagers could be suitable for some of the younger minded adults. I started with a spidergram and some ideas of what the museum has to offer for the average adult and came up with the following;

Local history - natural histrory - world history - local collections - art - ceramics - travelling exhibitions - art - societies - classes and workshops - educational reference - meeting place - coffee shop - chilrens facilities. 

I then produced a mood-board as below.

The main exhibition at the New Walk museum is the Egyptian section so I have decided to go for the same subject as the teens, but this time produce something a little more sophisticated. I have included in my mood-board a number of posters that I find interesting and thought-provoking.

I really like this poster for the V&A Museum exhibition of posters. Its strong, stylish and the kind of thing I would like on my wall. Its simple but 'does what it says on the tin' and gets the message across, loud and clear. This is the sort of thing I would like to do for my poster, limited colour pallette, simples...

Another great example. Great use of metaphor, with the inner-child in everyone finding something they can relate to in this poster. Note the colour range is not loud or too vibrant, but the colours contrast well.

Rough idea for Egypt poster.
I have tried out a few ideas on the subject of Egypt, primarily using digital and the one above is the best of the bunch. I wanted to keep it clean and punchy, which I think I have achieved to a certain extent, but not sure about the colour....looks a bit too muted.

Coming back to this, I have been thinking about concentrating on the Dinosaur theme and decided to simplify
things and have been tossing the idea of  'Walking with Dinosaurs' as a nice tagline, so did a sketch below, showing just part of the skeleton walking out of the frame, see below.

Sketch 1
I then scanned this in and traced it, adding colour to produce the following;

Digi-sketch 2
Step 3 was to add  the title, which I changed to 'Do the Walk..' as below.

Version 1.
For the final version I changed the colour completely as I thought it would stand out more and then messed around with the text by curving the tag-line.

Final Version.

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