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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Tattoo me.

Last year I discovered the work of illustrator genius, Al Gray in the form of beautiful screen prints,
based in the style of Japanese woodcuts, but with a contemporary twist. As soon as I saw the first print
I knew this would be a great basis for a tatoo. 

The one above was the one that I wanted. I really loved the strong use of line and the composition of the figure, so I booked myself in for a full days worth and handed the illustration over to talented tattooist, Jamie Greaves of Real Art Tattoo. He explained that the tattoo would have to be changed slightly, especially the girls tattooed back, as the detail would be too fine to replicate, but thought it would look really nice in the form of a half-sleeve, with his Japanese style work, surrounding the figure. 
When the day finally came, I was really pleased with Jamie's design, which he then, by means of a transfer and hand drawing sketched out the tat. Six and a half hours later and stage 1 of my half sleeve was finished. I still have about another three hours left to go, with some colour to add and the remainder of the inside back of my arm (the painful bit), but I'm looking forward to it. Overrall, I'm more than delighted with my sleeve and as it heals the detail is really coming out. Its like my own moving work of art.

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