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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Assignment 1 - Say Hello finished

Well, here it is, my finished intro card! After hours of wrestling with InDesign I've finally managed to complete my Introduction card. In a homage to Peter Blake I've tried to create a montage of a wide range of my work including photography, sketches and finished oil paintings. Hopefully it gives a good idea of what I'm about. I have also printed out the card on a 300 square poster as a finished piece of artwork. 
I initially had the idea of a card with lots of text running through it - a sort of list of all the things I liked and the people and things that inspired me, but after some time realised that it would be better to illustrate these things through an illustration! Brilliant eh? I have used some new illustrations as well as existing work I have done in the past and feel this mix covers the initial brief. The tricky part was working out how to put them all  together using InDesign, but I'm pleased with the finished result and also excited by the ideas and new possibilities that digital media offers.

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