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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Assignment 1 - Say Hello

Thinking about this exercise I have spent some time making a list of the people that inspire me, both on an artistic level, but also in life. What I plan to do is several illustrations/portraits of some of these people and then using Photoshop create a collage/poster in the style of Peter Blake, with symbols, images and colours that I think best represent me, and on the other side a list of all these things that runs through the background using a faded back font. Not sure about how this is going to work at minute, (as you can probably tell), but its a work in progress. I've done a couple of the images which are attached showing ideas of how the design will fold. I have had the idea of a concertina folder, an a3 poster which folds down to an a5 4page, and a 'maltese cross' type folder which spells out HELLO as you open it... Need to crack on with the portraits....

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