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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Getting the gist - The Rat Man Cometh..

The editorial I picked for this exercise was about a 56-year-old man from Mumbai who, for a paltry wage works at night, hunting down and killing the rats that plague the streets and alleyways. As part of a team of 180 fellow workers who are known as N.R.K. (Night Rat Killers), Jhahid Sheikh is known as King Rat Killer after forty years in the trade. Each man must kill 30 rats a night to earn his pay, if they fail then they are given two nights to catch up but then they face dismissal. Jhahid can despatch twice this ammount in just three hours and when asked why he does it, he puts it down to job security...
I tried a few ideas to capture the feel of this story, and the thought of this man wading through the filthy alleys with a bag of dead rodents, armed with his stick and torch seemed to draw itself. I then got carried away with the idea of this 'super-hero rat-killer' so went down the route of comic-book style. Enter Rat Man!

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