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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Exercise - spidergram....spidergram.

The object of this exercise was to create a spider diagram for each of the words, Seaside, Childhood, Angry and Festival, listing words that include colours, textures, subjects or anything that reminds me of these things.
After creating the diagram I then tested the diagram against another person, ticking any words that they duplicated, and adding words at the bottom that I hadnt thought of.
It was an interesting exercise primarily because the process of having to sit and think of all those things relating to childhood or the seaside that i had tucked away. Key words soon opened up once-forgotten memories or doors that led to other long-forgotten objects or experiences.
I had more difficulty with the word 'Anger', but only because its something that can mostly be described by feelings and emotions and less by objects or 'stuff''. The exercise also showed that there are always more than one way to look at something and the importance of thinking laterally. It was easy to go off down one particular route, which was ususally drawn from personal experience, and forget that there are other viewpoints to work from.
 This became evident when testing the spidergram with another person, where it is apparent that they were on a completely different tack from my own and probably shows that when reading or interpreting a brief, its important to research from a wide source of material.
Overall the strategies that I used were primarily listing words which led to other words, thoughts and experiences. I then used a Thesaurus to find any other links or avenues of thought. Last of all I Googled images but was surprisingly disappointed in the lack of variety on show. I suspect this was probably due the specific words used, such as Seaside which is fairly obvious and difficult to misinterpret.
I often use this approach when copywriting by brainstorming words and associations which lead to different avenues of thought.
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