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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Choosing Content - final.

Create a simple portrait of the character, using the reference that you have gathered.

Sketchbook images.

Hand drawn in pen then photoshop.

I'm sticking with the film-noir type picture of a head and shoulders image partly submerged in the shadows, with the face partly highlighted by a shaft of light. Ive tried to include the sight of bomb-hit London and St Pauls in the window.

Same pic but I tried adding a bit of dramatic colour to the image, which I think works well.

My final pic in this exercise is another version of the themes I have worked above, I like the drama of using black and white with a hint of sepia brown. I think the reference I have gathered has led my
thoughts and ideas along the route of the 'film-noir' look with such films as The 39 Steps and The Third Man used as inspiration.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Rob
    I really think the film noir with red works well. The crisp. unfussy lines and the good composition keeps the eye going around the pic from the man to St Paul's and back to the man, taking the route of the lines.