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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Local Art Exhibition

Buddha II

I decided to enter four of my paintings into the local village art exhibition at the last minute this week as I'd just had a couple framed and the invite had just arrived the week before. I'd always visited the exhibition in the past, and had good intentions to enter something, but somehow always seemed to never find the time or some other excuse, so this time I grabbed the bull by the horns and just did it.

Old Friends

I felt a bit self-conscious as I walked into the hall on the Friday night carrying a huge oil painting of a mans arse, and wondered if I'd chosen the right sort of subject for a village exhibition, but they seemed a nice crowd and looked like they didnt mind my two buddha's, a pair of boots and David's backside. (Michaelangelo's David by the way)..

Buddha I

 When I returned the next morning to the exhibition I was pleased to see my paintings hung in a really nice position right near the entrance. There were over a hundred exhibits from 43 artists covering such mediums as watercolour, oil, batik, pottery and photography, with a wide and eclectic choice of subjects. Anyway, I enjoyed showing my work and had some positive comments, so maybe I won't wait so long to enter the next one.

Back of David

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  1. I'm a complete beginner at this. Have just signed up to Painting Course. Rob's Blog is inspiring. I am a World Beater at Procrastination! So I think this will really help me to make a START!I wondered which village exhibition was in, as have sister near Uppingham, and she talked of a recent exhibition.
    Am inspired - thank you Rob.

  2. Well done on showing your pictures. My favourite is the buddha figure at the top. I like the darkness and the unresolved shape - very compelling.