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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Exercise - Choosing content continued...

Mood-board for colour and texture
Next step - create a simple portrait of the character, using the reference gathered;

pen & ink sketch

pen & ink

These initial sketches were based around the word 'infuriated' but on reflection seem a little extreme
for and too far from the storyline, so went back to the brief and my initial ideas on what the character would look like, at least in my mind. 

Watercolour sketch

This is along the lines of what I envisaged when reading the passage. Its starting to encompass a lot of the words I originally brainstormed like frustration, anger, and I think there is an underlying representation of this in the sketch.
I will work on this theme and image some more, along with the background setting. Bit confused as to how this is to be achieved, but will work it out.

watercolour sketch

 This guy looks a little too serious for me but maybe thats a good thing....not happy with it, but thought I would post it anyway to show my thought process, or lack of it.
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