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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Exercise - Client visuals - continued.

Album Cover - Keane - Under the Iron Sea.

The album cover above by Sanna Annukka for the Keane album - Under the Iron Sea is a favourite of mine. Influenced by her Finnish roots and folk art, this particular peice of work was produced in Photoshop where as she usually produces large format silk screens. Simple block colours and repeating shapes encompass the title of the album perfectly. In an comment taken from an interview on with Sanna, she explains her reasons for using horses in the piece;
"Horses are very symbolic creatures, they represent strength and power and also can symbolize coping under difficult circumstances, I feel that the horses are an appropriate symbol for the album as the theme of dealing with emotional battles and life’s struggles is very evident within the song writing. "
Single cover - Sanna Annukka
The cd cover for the single 'Is it any Wonder' above is again in the same style as the Horses illustration. It reminds me of traditional Maori art and is at one level simple and direct whilst at another, intricate and detailed. It seems the more you look at it, the more becomes apparent.

Cover art for Elbow by Oli East.
The album cover above for Elbow's new album, build a  rocket boys! is by Oli East and depicts a fairly abstract little figure running or jumping with his/her hands thrust into the air. The album is about adolesence so I would presume the figure is a youngster. Being a minimalist piece of work, the proof for this would probably look very like the finished piece.
Great album by the way!

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