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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Assignment 3 - A Poster.

Brief - to design an illustration for a poster for a music event - in this instance I have chosen a Jazz Evening. The poster will be A3 size. I started off with a spidergram, based around the word Jazz and all the associated words I could link to it.

I then put together a Jazz moodboard incorporating images, posters, designs that I had in mind to
use as inpiration for my poster.

I had in mind the idea of using an image of a jazz musician in a smoky club (dry ice of course), with a spotlight highlighting his profile to give a moody tone to the poster. Colours that appealed were 'cool' blues and purples, blacks and greys, with a splash of colour in the type.
From  there I moved on the working on some ideas in the shape of thumbnails and found myself going in the direction of abstract images of instruments.

Thumbnail 1

Thumbnail 1 gave me the idea of focusing on the shape of the double bass and the lovely scroll neck, then combining the scroll with a random keyboard. Not sure where to place the type on this and maybe it looks a bit busy.

Thumbnail 2
In thumbnail 2 i quite like the idea of the four big letters spelling out JAZZ in bright lettering, with an illustration of the trumpet running diagonally through the image. The other two thumbnails show the head and hands of a player emerging out of a dark background. This would probably work with the dark background being an ideal backdrop for the text to sit.
Thumbnail 3

The graphic image in Thumbnail 3 could work, a close up of the trumpet keys, together with the reflective chrome colours is nice, and the diagonal black bands in the background would make a good base for the text lines.

mock up from thumbnail 1

mock-up 2
Mock-up 2 does'nt work well with relation to the way the type reads. The background is too light in
places to allow a clear contrast. The image works quite well as it evokes the 'jazz' atmosphere
I was looking for. Still a way to go...


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