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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Note to self re. blogging...

Just needed to get this down in black and white. Despite early reticence and an inability to do computer stuff, I have grown and nurtured my blog into the strapping individual that stands before you, and I have to say, I love it. Its so much better (especially for illustration) to get all my work into one place, so that I can send it through to my tutor (and potentially the rest of the world), and receive back his advice and words of wisdom. And then, even more importantly, at the end of the the module, I won't have to package all my work into several humongous parcels, incurring vast postal costs and potential hernias for the postman, in order to get my work assessed. Yay, I say, it is a truly wondrous thing this blogging.. But there is a downside, and this is it. Due to time constraints bought about by such mediocre things as work, mortgage etc., I only have so many hours a week to dedicate to getting my coursework done, so I try and crack on with my work by firing up the lap-top at every opportunity, and opening up the blog. And thats when it starts. The shiny, sparkly diversions that catch my attention as soon I'm on-line. Favourite blogs and websites that I have selected for inspiration and encouragement inspire me to sit for hours window-shopping and encourage me to procrastinate at every opportunity. Granted, I am looking at (most of the time anyway) art-based stuff, and you could call some of it research, but its not helping me to get things done.
I think that now that its Lent, I will try and give up useless web-surfing and see if it makes a difference to my weekly output...
Watch this space.


  1. i am having exactly the same problem, i need the encouragement and inspiration but also need to actually get on and do my own stuff! good luck with your Lent exercise : )

  2. You've hit the nail on the head! Go online to quickly look at something - notice someone has uploaded an interesting entry to their blog and - yep - ages has passed and I haven't done what I was supposed to do. Why do people's blogs have to be so interesting!!!! Daughter nbr 2 has given up chocolate for Lent - difficult - but giving up surfing other blogs - now there's a real challenge.... good luck with it.

  3. Hi Rob,

    I completely agree with you, I have no time either to waste, but blogging is great for my work too. I'm afraid I have become rather insular to solve the problem and don't surf or forum much at all. It has worked and after all the web should be around for the rest of my days and plenty of time ahead when things will be different. I hope you sort your time out wisely; your blog is brilliant and worth all the time you put into it,

    Kind regards, Sheila