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Friday, 12 November 2010

Exercise - Visual Metaphor

Exercise - collect samples of visual metaphor.

Daniel Bejar
 Religion and war is always a bountiful subject to pick from when looking
 for a powerful metaphor, such as the way violence has been used in the name of religion.


 Banksy makes a powerful point in the most simplistic way by making the dove a target as well as a symbol of hope and peace, thereby emphasising the fragile nature of peace.

by Mou5e

Clever use of design and type make this image work and illustrate
the potential and power of words.

Asaf Hanuka

This illustration takes the subject of a childs doll and turns it usual associations on its head. In this instance the doll represents a hazard or danger to the child as opposed to the usual representation.

Band Aid

'Heal the World' - Band Aid have used the peace symbol created from plasters for this fund-raising image in aid of the Mumbai Taj Mahal hotel victims.

Christopher Ryan


Daniel Bejar
Javier Jaen Benivides

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