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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Second visit to the Print Workshop

So, continuing my screenprint experience, I spent a fruitful day as described in the previous
post at the Leicester Print Workshop with my tutor for the day, Katie, who took me
through the screenprint process from start to finish. It all went swimmingly and by the
end of the day I had, with the help of Katie produced a veritable pile of prints. All I had
to do now was return next time and remember it all.....

No problem I thought....I will go straight back on the Wednesday evening session and
by then, even with my Goldfish memory some of it will have stuck, but no, this plan was 
thwarted by my daughter, Megan who wanted me to go with her to the local dog rescue 
centre with our dog Archie, to do a 'meet and greet' with one of the inmates, 'dee dee',
who Megan was determined to adopt.
On a side note the name 'Dee Dee' was given to her by the home as her original name 
was 'Donna'? Bit Weird..
Anyway, the 'meet and greet' went well but this buggered my chance to go printing, 
so I had to wait until this Wednesday, a whole ten days since my lesson! 

Luckily there is a technician always present and I availed myself of Sarah, the resident print angel, who was always in the background ready to advise where I was going wrong. Its weird how I could remember some parts of the process but couldn't remember others, such as, which way up the frame went and which cupboard contained the 'stuff' for this and the 'thingamajig' for that. So I spent lots of time looking like a spare part whilst the other people there hurried around doing their own work until one of them would make the mistake of eye contact and I would seize this moment to ask things like "where do you keep the masking tape" and "is this upside down?"

Despite this everybody was more than helpful and on one occasion I had three people showing me how to use the print down frame. They were all doing different things and were more than happy to share their knowledge and ideas with me.
So, by the end of the the two hours I spent there I had produced two print frames, each one with a three colour design on, ready for my next visit on Wednesday.
I just wonder if anyone will make eye-contact with me....

Sunday, 24 March 2013

New boots!

Been a while so I thought it about time I posted. I'm about to do a 'crash'
screenprint course, along with some lino print, so needed to produce something
nice for my first print....
Hopefully these boots will look good...

I drew the boots freehand and then digitally using a wacom tablet and pen. I seem to get
on better with the pen than a mouse as you can apply pressure to thicken up the lines.
Personally I prefer the image above but think they both will work well as a screen print.
Oh, I drew the boots from a painting by Leicester artist Paul Wright. Check him out.

I'm hoping to print on some nice paper stocks, including a krafty brown. Maybe some
cool solid colours in the background.....who knows? Really looking forward to the course 
and will publish the results as soon as they are done.

I attended the course today and here are the first results! I printed each design in 
one colour for each one. The images above are of the proof pulls.

I also did some lino printing and the prints above were from an existing lino-cut
I had made previously.

Above are the acetates I made in order to burn the images into the screen.

Black screen pull
I intend to return with the boots and print something on top of them as a contrast. Not sure 
what to do yet? I'm thinking of maybe some type going across the back of the print in a large font
or alternatively some fom of large solid block of colour.

Lino prints on the drying rack.
Now that I've done the induction and screenprinting course I can have access to the print studio, so I'm 
hoping to produced lots of new this space!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Day 2 - Shy Boy

This was a sketch I was working on for Illustration Friday but didnt manage to 
get it posted in time. I really need to work on my deadlines.

Day 1 - Ukulele lady.

Its day 1, and for my first post I thought I would decorate my little lilac ukulele. I've bought some Posca pens   to draw directly on the the uke, but I have realised since I started that they are waterbased and will rub off without much effort... so, I have since applied a couple of layers of artists gloss varnish and they seem to be holding out, but I am a bit nervous every time I pick it up.

 Unfortunately, the flash paint-job doesn't improve the sound...

P.s. this ukelele lady has gone to another home via e-bay now!