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Sunday, 24 March 2013

New boots!

Been a while so I thought it about time I posted. I'm about to do a 'crash'
screenprint course, along with some lino print, so needed to produce something
nice for my first print....
Hopefully these boots will look good...

I drew the boots freehand and then digitally using a wacom tablet and pen. I seem to get
on better with the pen than a mouse as you can apply pressure to thicken up the lines.
Personally I prefer the image above but think they both will work well as a screen print.
Oh, I drew the boots from a painting by Leicester artist Paul Wright. Check him out.

I'm hoping to print on some nice paper stocks, including a krafty brown. Maybe some
cool solid colours in the background.....who knows? Really looking forward to the course 
and will publish the results as soon as they are done.

I attended the course today and here are the first results! I printed each design in 
one colour for each one. The images above are of the proof pulls.

I also did some lino printing and the prints above were from an existing lino-cut
I had made previously.

Above are the acetates I made in order to burn the images into the screen.

Black screen pull
I intend to return with the boots and print something on top of them as a contrast. Not sure 
what to do yet? I'm thinking of maybe some type going across the back of the print in a large font
or alternatively some fom of large solid block of colour.

Lino prints on the drying rack.
Now that I've done the induction and screenprinting course I can have access to the print studio, so I'm 
hoping to produced lots of new this space!