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Monday, 3 January 2011

Assign 2 - Point of sale cont.

The mood boards I created really helped to give a sense of the 'feel' and mood I needed to convey in my piece of advertising, and one of the main things that struck me was the importance of using the right colours and shades in the illustrations.The need to attract attention to the fruit on sale, meant using bright primary colours, clean uncluttered images and simple messages that gave an instant impact.

I then worked on a number of rough sketches along the lines of the summer fruits, as a starting point. I was thinking initally of a simple line drawing, with a watercolour wash adding the colour or just bright symbolic shapes and colour to define the particular fruit.

I then had the idea of scanning the line drawings into Illustrator and then colouring them in using bright, vivid colours that were already associated with the fruits through both name and appearance. I also thought that this could be a good angle to use for the whole campaign - big single type/ words describing the fruit on offer in the simplest of terms. Less is more, keep it simple like traffic lights...
Here are a couple of ideas along this theme to illustrate;

I like the way this works, big, bold and simple.
It does what it says on the tin...
The Future is Orange...

Same theme but not as strong as the Orange. It needs
a stronger drawing and less colours, maybe just green and yellow.
Stencil font works well though..
pencil sketch of a lovely pear.
Watercolour sketch
Watercolour sketch
Watercolour sketch
 I quite like these watercolour sketches and think I will work on them in Photoshop to create a background in suitable colour. Not sure which season suits best for each but will decide on that later...
This works as an illustration but not too
happy with the colours yet..

 More to follow;

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