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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Exercise - Character development

The first task was to collect as many examples of possible characters and file them as types - ie. babies, children, sportsmen and old men so I collected these, scanned and downloaded them in to the relevant files, and to give an idea of whats in the file did these random moodboards for each;


Old men.
The next thing is to think about a character so I started with the idea of an old man and did a few sketches roughly based on the old Steptoe character as below.

To be honest got a bit distracted and decided to have a go at a different body shape below, which is based on a rugby player. Big, muscular gym-freak and did a front and side view of his frame trying to keep everything in proportion. Gave him a big lantern jaw and a heavy brow to finish the look. Quite like the look of him, looks like he could be useful in a ruck...

Also, did a couple of head views of someone who I seem to think looks quite a bit like Eric Cantona, which is  purely accidental but interesting nonetheless. Big eyes and nose to match, he seems like a nicer personality than Eric maybe?
Then moved on to 'Andy', the 'mans-man'. Ex-squaddy, aged mid 40's, likes going to the gym and playing rugby. Works in security on the 'doors' and is a bit of a lad. I've done a number of head shots of Andy, trying to show some different emotions, from confused to hungover. Think I've caught hungover quite well...

Then had a go at portraying 'Roger', the salesman from Staines who seems to be struggling with his career at the moment, and seems to have reached a crossroads in his life.