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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Day 2 - Shy Boy

This was a sketch I was working on for Illustration Friday but didnt manage to 
get it posted in time. I really need to work on my deadlines.

Day 1 - Ukulele lady.

Its day 1, and for my first post I thought I would decorate my little lilac ukulele. I've bought some Posca pens   to draw directly on the the uke, but I have realised since I started that they are waterbased and will rub off without much effort... so, I have since applied a couple of layers of artists gloss varnish and they seem to be holding out, but I am a bit nervous every time I pick it up.

 Unfortunately, the flash paint-job doesn't improve the sound...

P.s. this ukelele lady has gone to another home via e-bay now!