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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Exercise - Making a moodboard

I chose the word 'Fashion' for this task, and proceeded to raid my file cupboard at work for anything representing the field of Fashion. Brochures, posters and other paraphernalia were available so I took full advantage. As well as the obvious catwalk and model shots i tried to include work that had been produced on different materials such as uncoated papers and also some different finishes such as spot varnishes and laminates. I also included some graphic illustrations that seemed to fit such as the lipstick image and also some patterns that seemed to be relevant.
It was putting the images together and arranging them on the board that proved the most challenging,  and I ended up separating the men and women, based on colours and contrasts? At least that's what it seemed like.I can definitely see the benefit of using a moodboard as a way of  displaying a wide variety of ideas to a  client  as well as developing initial concepts and from there, developing them further.

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