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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Exercise - a subjective drawing.

My subjective list of words for the shoe goes as follows;
Robust, classic, stylish, hard-wearing, distressed, worn, reliable, luxurious, honest, informal, formal, soft, hard-edged, masculine, strong, comfortable, worn, aged, quality, stable, distinguished, vintage, modern, in-vogue, old-fashioned, current, simple, elegant, understated, tasteful, tactile, refined, faithful, adult, well-built, resolute, staunch, snug, sturdy, durable, rugged, constant, unfailing, antique, compact, fine-grained, supple, resistant, hardy, retro, decent, evocative, upright, uncontrived, natural, real, dependable, smart, worthy, presentable, comfortable, restrained, subtle, detailed, mod, oringinal, adaptable, consistent, iconic.
Many of these words contradict each other, but therein lies the quality of the Brogue in that it can be considered both old-fashioned and at the same time in-vogue.
Below is the moodboard I have put together to illustrate the qualities and reasons why I think the Brogue is such an iconic shoe, and how it has remained relatively unchanged over the passage of time.

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