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Monday, 28 February 2011

Exercise Viewpoint

Make a collection of objects around a theme - I have chosen  'The Morning After' and for this I raided our glass recycling box and gathered a wide variety of empties teamed up with a few half-empties, arranged in a 'non-arranged' format. I then shot them from a variety of angles, zooming in and out and looking for different angles and crops that illustrate my interpretation of the title.



After shooting the bottles on the worktop I was returning the empties to the bin
I realised they looked a lot better lying there, randomly positioned where they fell.

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I like this image best, zoomed in tight and
cropped so that the edges all cut through
the diagonals....I think...
The next stage is to do the same thing through the ancient art of drawing, changing the crops, and viewpoints in the form of thumbnail sketches.
I tried to explore the photographs from different views, changing the framing and the format so that the image encompassed the feeling of 'The Morning After'.

Thumbnail sketches 1

Thumbnail sketches 2

Favoured final sketch.

This was my favourite image of the selection of thumbnails I did. I like the viewpoint from above which to me felt more interesting as a subject. The irregular format adds drama to the image giving a feeling of mess and chaos which often accomapanies that 'morning after' feeling.
Changing the viewpoints, especially in the thumbnail sketches really helped me to focus on the exercise and gave a good idea of what the final artwork could achieve.

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